19 Core Exercises for a Tummy Makeover

Posted on Nov 10 2014 - 7:14pm by Simbaa Da Lion


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While you may be looking forward to tank tops and sunshine-filled days, the thought of sporting your bikini may be haunting your spring dreams. Fret no more — you still have time to transform that core from flabby to flat with our Flat Abs Makeover. Incorporate these 19 core sculpting moves into your routine while coupling with a clean diet, and watch your chiseled mid-section emerge. Say hello to sweet spring dreams and a perfect excuse to go swimsuit shopping!

Stability Ball V-Pass: A surefire way to trigger your core muscles with an added glute and hamstrings bonus. This is a crunch made fun with the ball pass element.



Thread the Needle: Engage you entire core in plank mode with an added emphasis on the love handles with this side plank with movement. No weights? Use a water bottle or even can of food. No equipment (excuses) needed!

Crab Twist: We love exercises that serve double duty. This core blaster is an oblique obliterator which also engages the upper body and forces you to focus on stability and movement.

Plank Jack: This move is another double whammy engaging the core with a plank focused on movement while continuing to maintain good form. This incorporates a cardio element that will raise your heart rate while working the core.


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Forearm Plank: A core exercise that focuses on little movement while isolating core muscles. Increasing the time that you can hold this plank is a great indicator of improved core strength.

Russian Twist with Kettle Bell: The added weight takes the Russian Twist up a notch but you can also use a hand weight or water bottle. Or you can modify the move to make it a little easier with no weight at all until you are ready to progress!

Pushup: Most people only give credit to the pushup for upper body strength, but it’s also a great test of strength for the core as you work to perfect push up form. Make sure you’re doing pushups properly!

Waist Trimmer: The name says it all, right? This is a simple movement that looks like it’s not a lot of work, but don’t be fooled; after a few seconds, you will feel the burn.



Plank Tuck Twist: Grab that ball and get ready for another fun but challenging twist on the plank that also focuses on the lower belly (where we all tend to hold a little more pooch than we would like to admit). To learn more about this move, click here.

Scissor Kick: Another seemingly simple movement that packs in a whole lot of burn. Your abs will scream but your bikini will thank you for performing this movement that focuses on the transverse abdominal muscles. Get the details here.


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