Body Oil Vs Body Lotion-Which Is Better?

Posted on Oct 25 2014 - 10:21am by Simbaa Da Lion


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With the autumn wind quickly becoming brisk as the seasons change, dry, flaky skin is making its dreaded appearance. Body oils and body lotions are both great skincare buys for nourishing arms and legs in need of moisture, but which type of product is the ultimate best choice? Read on to find out which is right for you.

1) Body oils are easily absorbed and suit all skin types: Beauty addicts who suffer from oily skin or acne may think that using body oil will lead to greasy or blemished skin, but natural body oils are actually absorbed by the skin. reports that noncomedogenic body oils won’t normally lead to clogged pores, which is great news for anybody who’s planning to change their skincare regimen of regular lotion use.

2) Body lotions are great for damaged skin: On the other hand, very dry skin in need of immediate repair can receive a much-needed boost from a moisturizing lotion. Keep an eye out for nourishing ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera or sunflower oil in your lotion, if you decide to pick up a new bottle this season.

3) Oils are a natural solution packed with vitamins and nutrients: While body oil may not be as popular as body lotion, it is a skin-friendly solution that is free of preservatives. Try Vitamin E-enriched jojoba oil to guard your skin’s natural protective barrier, and step out with a radiant glow.

4) Lotions are made with preservatives and a combination of water and oil: You may love the creamy finish on the surface of your skin, but many body lotions are loaded with preservatives in order to allow the mix of water and oil to last longer.

5) Oils can nourish the skin for a longer period of time: Body oils provide skin with long-lasting relief from dryness or irritation, and can keep fully weatherized or chapped skin under control for longer than lotion. Olive body oils are a nourishing fix for skin that needs the extra attention.

6) Body lotions can also be enriched with Vitamin E: While they’re not normally a natural solution, body lotions can contain helpful ingredients. Some are enriched with the benefits of antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, which helps with anti-aging for gorgeous skin.

So oil or lotion? You decide. As with most skincare options, it’s a deeply personal choice.



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