Cute Fitness Gear with Pockets

Posted on Nov 5 2014 - 7:11pm by Simbaa Da Lion

As a mom, going on a long run without a cell phone means 8 missed calls from the kids asking where you’ve put something and another from your hubby telling you he’s forgotten something at the grocery. When you go to the gym or out for a run, nothing is more annoying than lugging around your keys or cell phone. And lets face it: your sports bra is holding enough in there without the added discomfort of a sweaty cell. Stop sticking your keys in your shoe laces and pick up some fitness attire with pockets!

Old Navy Active Compression Pants: These yoga pants are made for your comfort, with the convenience of a hidden pocket in the back of the waistband, perfect size your locker key!

active compression pants

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Photo Credit: Old Navy

Old Navy Active Side Mesh Running Shorts: These comfy shorts will allow you to take a leisurely run and have an interior pocket to slip in your keys and a cell.

Photo Credit: Old Navy

Old Navy Active Compression Leggings: These compression leggings help to keep everything in place and free from wiggling, and that goes for your belongings as well! A hidden pocket in the waistband means you won’t have to deal with the tangle of headphones from your ears to where your iPhone is balanced on the elliptical. And as an added bonus, they come in a variety of flattering colors and patterns!

compression leggings

Photo Credit: Old Navy

Zella ‘Glam’ Long-Sleeve Top: With pockets that zip shut, you don’t have to worry about your cash, gym card or keys falling out without notice!

zella glam long-sleeve

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

FILA SPORT Velocity Jacket: Running outside is a great way to get exercise, but as the weather gets colder, you’ll want a jacket! Make sure you get one that has some handy pockets like this one!

fila sport velocity jacket

Photo Credit: Kohls

Nike “Revival” Dri-Fit Woven Pants: With comfortable hand pockets, these pants are made with moisture wicking material for a great workout.

revival woven pant

Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Women’s Stow-n-Go II Bra: The bra has always been used as a place to stick money, grocery lists, phone numbers and more. But if you’re working out, sticking your keys in your cleavage is just asking for a sweaty mess. This North Face bra was designed with a second layer to provide a convenient pocket!

womens stow-n-go II bra

Photo Credit: The North Face

KangaROOS: If you just LOVE pockets, then you’ll need to purchase these sneakers. Comfortable and stylish, they have a built in side pocket that’s great for stashing small things!

kangaroo shoe

Photo Credit: Shane + Shawn


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