Does Having More Fat Help You Burn More Fat?

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People who have mislaid a lot of weight mostly note it gets harder dump some-more weight after a initial loss. A new investigate in a Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research examined one reason since that competence be.



The Hypothesis

One supposition is that people with some-more fat also have a incomparable ability to bake fat. For example, if one lady had 10 pounds of gaunt physique weight and weighed 125lbs on a scale (twenty percent physique fat) and another lady had a same gaunt physique weight though weighed 135lbs (26% physique fat), it is believed that a second lady will have a incomparable ability to bake fat.


There are a few reasons to consider this competence be true. First of all, it seems that macronutrient accessibility influences appetite expenditure. This seems to be loyal regardless of how those substrates are accessible in a body. For example, immoderate some-more of a sold macronutrient in your diet can boost your body’s eagerness to spend appetite from that nutrient.


Secondly, people with incomparable physique fat levels have aloft resting levels of appetite expenditure. All of this points to a fact that when some-more appetite sources are available, some-more appetite gets spent.


Study Design

To exam this hypothesis, fourteen women were tested for their physique fat levels. Their aptness was tested around VO2 max, and their substrate function for both fat and carbohydrate was examined. Having a values for gaunt physique mass, a researchers stretched a formula by last a substrate function rates relations to gaunt physique mass.


Each of a women had identical amounts of gaunt physique mass and identical macronutrient expenditure in grams per bruise of bodyweight. Both of these factors, if majorly different, could have shabby a results, so they were factored out.



The researchers found that rise fat function occurred during around 55-60% of a women’s VO2 max. For many people, that gait would conform to a heart rate averaging between 130 and 140 beats per minute, depending on age and weight.


As for physique fat levels and fat burning, there was no poignant correlation, though this is value some discussion. In statistics, “significant” would meant that aloft rates of fat blazing could reliably be explained by some underline of a women, such as incomparable levels of physique fat. However, only since that cause wasn’t found, doesn’t meant it doesn’t exist.


In statistics, a non-significant trend can still give we information, nonetheless that information competence not be so reliable. When we demeanour during a tangible numbers here, there does seem to be a trend. The women with incomparable physique fat burnt on normal about 100mg some-more fat per minute, that is about 25% more. It was also 2mg per kilogram of gaunt bodyweight some-more per notation for a aloft fat group.


This trend seemed to reason opposite a complicated variables. Combine this trend with a fact that nothing of a women were indeed portly and a operation in physique fat levels was sincerely tiny (from 18.6%-30%), and we consternation if a incomparable investigate competence not have given stronger evidence.


To supplement fuel to a fire, a women were statistically deliberate as dual groups, rather than individuals, and several of a women had physique fat levels tighten to a cutoff point. For example, there was a lady in a reduce fat organisation with 24.5% physique fat where a cutoff was 24.9%. So, notwithstanding a statistically-correct conclusion, an research of a justification shows a clever probability that carrying some-more fat does indeed meant a incomparable ability to bake fat.



1. Ashley Blaize, et. al., “Body fat has no outcome on a maximal fat burning rate in immature normal and overweight women,” Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, DOI: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000000512


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