Easy Ways To Make Your Tan Last Through Fall

Posted on Oct 25 2014 - 10:21am by Simbaa Da Lion


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As the seasons change and we slowly shift away from summer into fall, you may be mourning the loss of your gorgeous glow. While a summertime tan is always a sign of warm weekends on the beach, you can still maintain your luminous bronzed skin as we head into September. We’ve gathered a guide to the top ways to extend your tan into the next season:

occitaneExfoliate your skin before tanning: While it’s advised to exfoliate your skin before applying your SPF and heading out into the sun to soak up the rays, exfoliating your skin after developing a tan will cause it to disappear faster. Try a pair of exfoliating gloves with a honey scrub before tanning to keep up that glow.

Stay moisturized after tanning: According to DailyMail, a product such as a shower oil instead of a harsh gel can do the trick to moisturize your golden skin.

Enjoy a relaxing and super-refreshing scent in the shower with the highly moisturizing L’Occitane Cleansing and Softening Shower Oil With Almond Oil, $24.

Keep yourself hydrated: Turn the tap in the other direction and take a cooler shower to help keep your skin hydrated, and able to keep up the tan longer! Hot temperatures can lead to peeling or dehydrated skin, while a cold shower will help you stay tanned and summer-fresh.

Avoid waxing if possible: While it may be tempting to fully embrace the last few weeks of summer with a salon wax, treatments such as waxing can strip the first layer of your skin. If you aren’t ready to part ways with your colour, avoid waxing and use hair removal alternatives (like shaving).

KateSomervilleUse a tan-enhancing product to keep up your golden glow: As we head into autumn beauty, you can use a tan-extending product if you’re determined to maintain your summer tan.

Try Kate Somerville Somerville Somerville360° Tan Enhancing Moisturizer, $52. The moisturizer is applied in the morning and again at night after exposure to the sun. It’s created with specialized peptide for colour and plant-based bioactive complex to make the most of your tan. Black snakeroot soothes your skin, while the triple threat of shea butter, coconut oil and macadamia oil keeps it hydrated.

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