Fitness in just 10 minutes a day

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We all know that time has become more valuable than ever before and we find ourselves counting the minutes of each day instead of counting the hours. With so little time to workout, we can tend to forget the importance of being fit and we just give up on exercise completely. This is a terrible decision that can have very serious repercussions in our lives.
The good news is that with just 10 minutes a day, you can come up with an excellent workout that is going to help you burn fat and tone your body. All you need is your body and little bit of space and you will be set to go.
First minute
You will be jogging for the entire first minute. Just jog in the same place for those 60 seconds without stopping.
Second minute
Now you are going to start doing jumping jacks. The idea is that you do not stop for a single second. Just keep your own pace, but remain active the whole time.
Third minute
Now you should switch to squats and all you need to do is place your feet just a little over shoulder width and the palms of your hands on the back of your head. Now perform the squat motion for those 60 seconds without stopping.
Fourth minute
Standing ab crunches
With your hands on the back of your head, you should raise your left knee and touch your right elbow with it. Then switch to the right knee and left elbow. Do this for 60 seconds without stopping.
Fifth minute
Take this minute to rest and avoid drinking water unless you feel too thirsty, but you can probably wait another 5 minutes.
Sixth minute
Start jogging the same as the first minute.
Seventh minute
Jumping jacks like the second minute
Eight minute
Do the squats like you did in on the third minute.
Ninth minute
Do the standing ab crunches like you did in the fourth minute.
Minute 10
This is the final stretch and you will be all done. This is going to be a difficult last minute and you will be doing burpees. This exercise starts with a jump as high up as you can and landing in the same place, then you immediately do a squat and get in a pushup position. Perform one pushup and get back up to the repeat the whole process.
This is a killer workout that you can do in any location and it will work wonders for your health and fitness.

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