How Old Does Your Face Look? Now, You Can Find Out!

Posted on Oct 25 2014 - 10:21am by Simbaa Da Lion


Ever wondered how old you appear to others or how old your face looks? Is your face aging well? Lifestyle choices like diet, smoking and exercise can all affect the look and feel of your face. A new website is gaining attention for its assessment of faces. will provide a breakdown of your face age. First, you upload a close -up photo of your face and answer a few basic questions (i.e. amount of sun exposure, whether you do recreational drugs). The site will then calculate your ‘face age’, expected life span, probability of survival to 65 years of age and probability of survival to 85 years of age.

While we admit for some people, knowing this type of specific data can be scary, it can also be an interesting exercise in overall health and honesty.

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