How to Treat Sunburnt Lips

Posted on Oct 25 2014 - 10:21am by Simbaa Da Lion

applying lipstickIf your summer has been an endless haze of weekends at the cottage, lazy afternoons at the beach or backyard BBQ parties in the sun, sunburned lips are an enemy you should avoid at all costs! However, if you’ve been stung by the sun’s UV rays, you should treat your pretty pout immediately to reduce pain and swelling. Here’s our guide to the top ways to treat sunburnt lips.

Use potato juice for the benefits of starch: According to, this unassuming kitchen staple is a perfect natural remedy for fighting a sunburn on your lips. Toss a potato into a blender to create a purée, and use this power juice to slowly heal your sun-scorched pout.

Try aloe vera gel to reduce peeling: With aloe vera playing a major role in cutting back on inflammation, fight sunburn pain with this natural fix. Gently apply unscented aloe vera gel to your lips to minimize peeling, and you’ll be able to wear your favourite red lip colour before you know it.

Use a touch of vitamin E oil: With pure Vitamin E oil having health benefits of healing skin, encouraging the growth of new skin, and helping to prevent lasting scars, this oil is a must-have after suffering sunburn damage.

Apply a cold compress: Whether it’s a cool napkin or ice cubes wrapped in a towel, gently applying a cold compress to your sun-damaged lips can make a world of difference in lessening swelling. After all, blood vessels contract once they make contact with a cold compress. Be careful to not apply the ice directly to the surface of your skin, or you may feel more pain than gain!

Moisturize with petroleum jelly: If you have a jar of Vaseline in your medicine cabinet, use a scoop of it to moisturize a weathered and sunburnt mouth. Keep re-applying throughout the day to help your lips maintain the moisture and stay nourished as you fight the sunburn.







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