Men More Prone to Achilles Injuries Than Women

Posted on Oct 23 2014 - 2:56pm by Simbaa Da Lion

It is good famous that women catch some-more injuries to their hamstrings than group do. But if you’ve ever wondered if group have an Achilles’ heel as well, afterwards consternation no more. Men comment for about 75% of all tendon ruptures, and, vocalization of a Achilles, group comment for about 80% of Achilles tendon ruptures. These numbers are disproportionately high. The reason for these high repairs rates was investigated recently in a Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research study.


The Achilles tendon can withstand thespian forces. For example, a researchers remarkable that using places 9,000N (Newtons) of force on a Achilles tendon. To give we some thought of what that means, cruise that a limit force on a singular Achilles tendon can surpass twelve times as most as we weigh. Compare that to a ACL, that on normal can’t surpass 2,000N before snapping.


An Achilles detonation is typically preceded by Achilles tendinopathy. Tendinopathy is a some-more accurate tenure for what we differently already know as garden accumulation Achilles tendinitis. Achilles tendinopathy covers some-more belligerent and probable forms of injury. Because group are some-more expected to have ruptures, they are substantially also some-more receptive to Achilles tendinopathy.




To find out because group are some-more disposed to this condition, a researchers examined a biomechanical behaviors of a ankle and Achilles tendon in 3 conditions:


  • At rest
  • After light exercise
  • After severe exercise


The investigate constructed some engaging results. Statistically speaking, a force outlay between group and women was no different, that competence come as a surprise. However, after exercise, a Achilles tendon of a women became some-more compliant, definition it supposed changing states better. In doing so, it also stored some-more effervescent energy, so augmenting a grant of force after an individualist action. The women’s tendons were also some-more flexible, and hexed reduction acerbity and rigidity.


The researchers supposing recommendations for preventing and treating Achilles tendinopathy. Oddly enough, a endorsed diagnosis for Achilles tendinopathy is individualist exercise. This competence strike we as odd, given individualist practice is famous to be quite manly during sensitive flesh tenderness and damage, though it seems to be a best approach to provide tendinopathy nevertheless.



As distant as preventing tendon rupture, a researchers didn’t have most to suggest formed on this study. While they remarkable that avoiding a degenerative effects of Achilles tendinopathy is a best approach to stay divided from ruptures, they didn’t teach on how to do that. Unfortunately, they remarkable that Achilles tendinopathy mostly presents no symptoms and so competence not be rescued until a repairs is done.


The Achilles tendon is delayed to reanimate in general, though a unchanging aged tricks like ice work on it if you’re patient. To forestall tendinopathy to start with, group can take records from a ladies’ playbook and keep a surrounding musculature flexible. Strengthening a calf muscles and staying good offset and mobile in a reduce and even top leg is really critical as well. Lastly, work on correct form in exercises that heavily use a ankle, generally using and jumping.



1. Michael Joseph, et. al., “Achilles tendon biomechanics in response to strident heated exercise,” Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, DOI: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000000361


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