Stop Eating Late At Night – Here’s How

Posted on Oct 25 2014 - 10:23am by Simbaa Da Lion


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It’s no secret that a busy workday usually leads to a stealthy midnight snack! If that’s the case at home, you’re not alone: According to a study by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, we tend to be hungry in the evenings because of the body’s natural circadian rhythms. If you find that your late-night cravings are slowly taking a toll on your waist size, it may be time to cut back on after-hours snacking. Here are five smart ways to stop eating late at night:

Eat a balanced breakfast each morning: According to, breakfast may be the key to starting your day on a craving-free note. A balanced breakfast with protein-rich eggs, antioxidant-packed blueberries or almond milk can help give you an energy boost in the early hours.

Space out smaller meals throughout the day: If you find yourself fighting those hunger pangs and binging on junk food at the end of the day, space out smaller snacks and meals throughout the morning and afternoon. You’ll feel more satisfied and will be less likely to eat a late-night dinner if you’ve been eating steadily throughout the day.

Enjoy your beauty rest so you don’t crave sugar: Sleep deprivation can lead to cravings for sugar and carbs in order to keep up energy levels. Try creating and following a healthy sleep schedule in order to keep those cravings in check.

Hit the gym to cut back on overeating at night: If you find yourself under stress at the end of a long day and ready to tuck into a plate of greasy fries, hit the gym for a fast-paced energy boost instead. Regular exercise can help fight stress, which may lead to after-hours overeating as a result. With regular workouts, you can fight late-night hunger while keeping yourself fit.

Avoid calorie-rich drinks that are high in sugar: While it may be tempting to savour a calorie-laden iced coffee, milkshake or soda as you bring your day to a grand finale, try switching up your favourite sugary drinks for a healthy alternative. Matcha green tea is a calming solution to help fight late night cravings and keep your desire for sugar off the menu!

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