Trampoline Fitness – The Latest Workout You Have To Try

Posted on Oct 25 2014 - 10:24am by Simbaa Da Lion


Photo: Sky Zone (@skyzone) on Twitter

While trampoline fitness has been quickly gaining popularity thanks to the upbeat and fun-spirited nature of this workout, we’ve been wondering if the bouncy fitness regime is an effective way to stay in shape. If you’re planning to hit your local trampoline club for a heart-pounding session that will take you back to childhood, here are a few smart facts to keep in mind:

Trampoline workouts can strengthen your core while burning calories: The cardio workout is great for developing a strong core and burning calories. According to, jumping on a trampoline can help reduce body fat too. Try a 60-minute workout, with a mix of high kicks, jumping from side to side and in a front-to-back motion with 60-second sets for each move.

A trampoline session can be combined with other fitness activities for maximum results: If you’re not ready to part with your medicine ball, you can always combine other traditional gym activities with your trampoline fix. Try a trampoline fitness class, and prepare for intense push-ups, strength training, jumping jacks and crunches from the comfort of the bouncy surface. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, add kickboxing to your mix of fast-paced trampoline exercise.

Hitting the trampoline can improve your agility and flexibility: Whether you want to pick up your speed or become more co-ordinated, the trampoline is a total-body workout. reports that the pressure of trampoline fitness can promote a stronger musculoskeletal system, thanks to the low impact of this joint-friendly fitness regime.

Bouncing away can tone leg muscles: It may not have felt like exercise at a friend’s birthday party back in the day, but hopping on a trampoline as an adult is actually a strong move for developing toned thighs. The “rebounding” motion offers legs an overall workout. In fact, a 1980 study by NASA even recommended this exercise as a way to help astronauts return to their Earth levels of bone density and strength. It may be time to hop on a trampoline, just in time for an exhilarating new fall workout!

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